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We’re all mad here in Special Collections - mad about this Pennyroyal Press edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! The book was designed and illustrated with wood-engravings by print-maker Barry Moser. Our copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was part of a deluxe set, including an additional suite of over 100 wood-engravings signed by Moser. 

Special Collections recently received the latest installment of a multi-year gift from New York collector Jerry Buff. This latest donation of over 1550 books consists mainly of fine-press and deluxe publications, considerably augmenting our collections of several American, British, and German private presses, as well as the work of important designers, publishers, and pressman. We are delighted that the donation included a number of Pennyroyal Press editions, including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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i was ready to just scroll past like “haha grammar humor” but then it was weird al and i,

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when u walk away from ur computer but forget ur wearing earphones


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true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


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